mission: i'm-possible.

the collision of fashion, sport, culture and community


mission: i'm-possible.

the collision of fashion, sport, culture and community

Together, we break the chains of limitations to represent new possibilities. We are a message to the mass that’s changing the culture. This isn’t just about running. This is about using this platform as our service to humanity. We are advocates for change. We are a beacon of hope for the broken. We lift the heads of the lost. We encourage and breathe life into each other’s dreams. We take leaps of faith. We take risks. We follow or passions. Together, our tests become our testimony.



I. outdoor, concrete training athletes


I. support for running & training on concrete streets     II. adequate cushioning     III. absence of fashion aesthetics & design


I. durable, adaptive outsole     I. support for alternate training terrain     III. timeless design influenced by MIP style


We ambitious runners travel through the streets of Las Vegas as a family to build character through philanthropy and empowerment.

We believe the world is our runway where dreams become real, ideas turn into action, life turns into living and tests turn into testimonies.


The reason I choose BMW for inspiration is because of the characteristics of their drivers reflect traits that I've seen among my mission: i'm-possible family. BMW's 5 characteristics of tomorrow's ultimate driver are highlighted below:

I. totally calm II. relaxed all the way III. role model for sustainability IV. always up to date V. always in a good mood

BMW i8     I. unparalleled performance     II. striking exterior     III. efficiency

BMW vision next 100     I. alive geometry     II. harmony     III. revolutionary



I. ledge support     II. laced system     III. 4D skinshell

I. This additional midsole backing gives an advantage when quick lateral movements are required.     II. Every person is unique and the numerous eyelets of the upper allows for an individual style that additionally provides a custom fit.     III. This technology, inspired by BMW's vision next 100, allows for the upper material to mold to the shape of the foot to improve fitting.

I. hy-mesh     II. aero scoop     III. sockfit liner

I. The fusion of fashion, performance and comfort has to be developed from the ground up, starting from the materials. This is implemented through the adaptive and durable fabric of the toebox allowing for a stable feel.     II. Based off the BMW i8's EfficientDynamic, we wanted to allow ventilation to travel from the front and travel through the entire upper.     III. We achieve this air flow by the collaboration of all three of the elements above. The final piece allows for air to transfer directly to the foot by way of a lightweight, breathable foot wrap.

Finally, without further ado, we proudly introduce the